We can be your good partner for creating your
    profits that results from our technologies and

Your product,s success is contributed by achieving
what packaging is set out to do with its appearance and
protection of products inside.
We have been continuously developing new packaging
materials with up-to-date technology for more than thirty years
since the establishment of our corporation. To get the
goal,we have constructed highly advanced production
facilities, invested in many devices and equipments for
R&D and implemented training programs for our
professional staffs to stay tuned with the ever-evolving
film products and converting technologies.

 We, Sammin F&FP, are endeavoring to cultivate 21st century, new-packaging culture for creating such future as man and nature
exist harmoniously.
We are giving more emphasis on the welfare of human beings and on keeping our land from pollution rather than only seeking the prosperity of our firm.
We will bloom New Packaging Culture by developing more perfect packaging materials based on our more perfect production technology.