With accumulated technologies for mare than 40 years and continuously upgraded printing
facilities, we are successfully meeting end-users' demands for high-quality printed packaging
Our printing facilities cover all the processes of packaging material production, s.a. printing,
lamimation and pouch making and the packaging materials are supplied to the users in confectionery, foods, bread and medicine.

     Printing, Lamination and Pouch-making

>1 Printing M/C
This 8 color gravure
printing machine is
capable of reproducing
customer's designs
and colors as
intended by graphic

>2 Extrusion Lam. M/C
This machine applies
melted resin through dies
on printed films that are
simultaneously cooled
and winded.

>3 Dry Lam. M/C
This machine applies
adhesives on printed
films that are then passed
through drying chambers
for drying the solution
on the film surface.

>4 Sealing M/C
This machine is used
for making pouches
from roll stock films.
It produces 2-side
sealing pouches,
3-side sealing pouches,
M-sealing pouches,
standing pouches,
zipper pouches, etc. 


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