New production technology combined with accumulated
production know-how through investment in R&D will surely
attribute to the further development of Korea's packaging

                TEST EQUIPMENT




Qualitative analysis of solids and liquids

Gas Chromatography

Eliment analysis of gases and liquids
Measuring the amount of residual solvent

Film Thickness Tester

Continuous measurement of film thickness

Tensile Strength Tester

Measuring tensile strength and slip of films

Heat Gradient

Measuring heat seal temperature of packaging materials

Dart Impact Tester

Measuring durability against dart impact

Bursting Tester

Measuring bursting strength of packaging materials

Elmendorf Tearing Tester

Measuring tearing strength of packaging materials

Stiffness Tester

Measuring film's stiffness

Haze Meter

Measuring film's haze and light transparency

O.D Tester

Measuring optical density of metalized film

Melting Point Tester

Measuring resin,s melting temperature.

Constant Temp/Humidity Chamber

Creating conditions of constant temp, and hamidity

Auto Clave

Creating retorting condition(high temp, high pressure)


Measuring viscosity of inks and bonds

IR Thermometer

Infrared ray ther mometer(untouch method)

Airflow Meter

Measuring the amount and speed of flowing air

Barcode Scanner

Inspecting the quality of printed barcode

Oxygen Permeation




Digital Microscope


Particle counter


Air Leak Tester